Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cute little birds in our yard today


Shelley said...

Wonderful bird photos - love your feathered friends!!!

Rae said...

Sparrows are such happy little birds. I love watching them flit around. Very nice photos!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

They are so sweet !
I love all birds...even the ones who are not pretty colors, or couldn't carry a note if you paid them in bird seed :)

Anonymous said...

I love to watch the birds and your photos are excellent Patsy. Enjoy your afternoon.

racheld said...

What a wonderful little collection of feathered friends!! I try to keep the lingerers fed with a little something during this harsh weather---and all the old bread goes out, drizzled with a little "old" oil---especially the kind I've fried fish or chicken in.

And your header picture is just so charming!! What a welcoming little house, and I remember when I used to watch Lynnette Jennings, she said that if you want to sell your house, paint it yellow. The whole place has a golden glow from those windows.

And the one up in the top story---it's open a little bit, I think, and I'd suspect the boys had snuck out to make snowballs, but there are no tracks on the roof. You KNOW I have to make up a story about everything I see.

Always wonderful to have you drop in!!!


Barbara said...

They are pretty birds Patsy. I recognise the song thrush but not the first two.