Friday, December 3, 2010

Cleaning in the garden

The leaves and frost bitten flowers had to go - so out to do my job and put my garden to bed for the winter.
I scared myself and the rabbit . He or she sat very still and let me get my camera for the picture then said good-bye and ran away.

So happy to say the Bennie is feeling better and back in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

My daylilies are frost bitten, yellow and laying down now. You are ahead of me cleaning up for the winter.

Glad Bennie is better and creating in the kitchen. You'll have to share with us what he surprises you with. Does he like cookbooks or does he have his own recipes?

rjk said...

My hubby is in the kitchen right now...making lunch, the sweetheart! He doesn't cook all time, but oh how I love it when he does. So your hubby likes cooking too! ( what a nice thing!)~~~ I know what you mean about how 'still' those bunnies can be. ONe year in the spring they burrowed in the flower bed close to the door we use all the time and had the nerve to have babies, if you can imagine that...grin. We had all these little bunnies leaping and dancing around the place. It looked like a Walt Disney animation! I'm going to have a peek at your ATC's for December, I didn't know you liked art too! =)

Maggie Ann said...

Its me again...just wanted to say that last comment from rjk is really me. My son was using my pc and logged himself in and not out. I fixed it I hope =)


The only thing my hubby cooks is the steaks on bbq but he will and does everything else from helping me in and out of the house and is a wonderful handy man and crafts men. Bunny is cute, we have a family of bunnies living under my potting shed I think there is three generations of them lol. Have a great day !