Monday, August 9, 2010


Last night about 7:00pm the phone rang and it was a 800 number so I didn't ans but the Bennie did it was about my credit card.
Now this is a card that has my picture on it and my signature. I have had this card for 20 years because it was used in my business.
I have been retired now for six years, the card has been used for only one thing to pay our cable bill for the last two years. I have the card in my hand- it was not stolen but someone had it and used it . They charged a box of candy for 59.00 and 369.00 for some thing?
Sure made me mad not to get some of the candy. So now I will have a new card and no cable bill.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It's sad what people will do to get something for free. One day, they will pay.

Gar had his identity stolen, and they used those silly credit card application forms that everyone gets in the junk mail. You know the ones that we all just throw back in the garbage. And he had not even lived at that address for years. They just used a fake birth date, and went to town. We found out about it months later when credit collector started to call. We have excellent credit, and are very careful, so we were quite shocked.

Make sure that you contact your credit bureau, and let them know what happened, even though it wasn't you, it is under your name. I would also contact the police, and start a file, so there is a record of this.

Best of luck with this. And let others know, the more people are aware of this the better. As far as I am concerned it's mostly the fault of the credit card companies, they will give a credit card to almost anyone, without checking the data first.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Sounds like someone at the cable office is using people credit card numbers. It amazes me that people do not have a conscious anymore.I hope his girlfriend knows what a thief she is getting. LOL!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about this Patsy. There's always something to have to see about! That must have been some candy!!!

Marydon said...

Jen is right, do everything she said. Sorry this has happened to you ... wonder if it was See's or Godiva's, now that is enough to get ticked about.

One time they ripped us off on the credit card ... first a small charge around $50, hubby travels so just didn't catch it. A couple months later for $250 which again with hubby travelling I didn't question. Then came the cruise on a ship for $5,000.00 YUPPERS! That one I caught, called up hubby & asked him WHAT THE ??? ARE YOU DOING GOING ON A CRUISE & WITH WHO?
He was stunned & guiltless ... ok, I'll check with the credit card company. Now the clincher is this ... I had just cancelled a TON of credit cards insurance protection plans ... but by the luck of the Irish, this one card I did not! WHEW!

Hugs & so sorry, it is so frustrating!

Winifred said...

Crumbs it's awful what some people do.
Our credit card company rang the other night about 5 minutes after I'd topped up my husband's mobile phone with credit by phone. The mobile phone company wanted confirmation that it was an authorised payment. Nice to know that some organisations keep an eye on things.