Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Know What Moved You

It's time to cut the Hay field for the first time this year.
The honey suckle has been so sweet

This is when it rains, the water comes off the field. I have planted a ton of holly hock seed on the other side.

Last year it must have washed seed on this side of the ditch because these came up down the side of the bank. They lived all winter and stood the spring flood. I am sure there are flowers all alone the ditch to the river.

Last year I had planted Zinnias, Butterfly weed, Holly hock no sign of any but these three Holly hocks.

This year Darla from more family and flowers and Becca from a southern garden by Becca have sent be me seeds and there is not one up here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy, When they cut the hay around here, my eyes and nose itch terribly. I do love to smell honeysuckle though - reminds me of being a little girl and sleeping with the windows open. I can't wait to see your pretty hollyhocks. Have a good week.

Winifred said...

Those photos are gorgeous. I do love hollyhocks. My all time favourite is the beautiful blue delphinium as I remember my granddad had them in the border of his tiny front garden. I tried to grow them in pots but the snails got them!

My soil is awful, hard clay so flowers just don't like it. I admit I'm not much of a gardener either or I'd have had the soil removed and drainage put in. Ah well I'll have to make do with the lawn and conifers. At least they're green!

Becca's Dirt said...

I am so sorry the seeds haven't done anything. Your hollyhocks are beautiful.