Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back to Check

on my baby blue 's, I looked like this after they dilated my eyes it put my ears in a droop. When we came out of the office I wanted to shout NO the sun is shining. But the Bennie put my red collier on and lead me to the car. I guess by now you know I felt more like his pet.
I have been told I have Vitreous Detachment & floaters . It looked better this visit and will just have to keep a close check on it.


Charlene said...

Patsy, The sun always feels so bright after having your eyes dilated....glad the doctor is keeping a close check on your eyes.

Our latest news, Ervin was bit by a Brown Recluse spider and was in NEA Baptist for two nights this week....very bad news. A Home health nurse is changing his bandage daily. We think I was biten and he took me to the ER yesterday. The doctor gave me medicine just in case that it was a brown recluse. Terminix has been in and sprayed. Very scary what a little spider can do.

We are on the mend. Take care and have a great week-end.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

LOL! Good One ! Not laughing at you Patsy but at the picture of the puppy. He does describe your situation well. LOL! The sun really blinds you when you have had your eyes dilated. Poor girl.It is good that you have a fine specialist watching out for you and taking care yourself.
What a gorgeous header picture Patsy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy, I am glad you have a Dr. who is taking precaution with your eyes. It is no fun to have eyes dilated and then have to go out in the bright sun. Those cardboard glasses they give or not much help! I hope you and Bennie have a nice, enjoyable weekend.

Linda J. said...

Oh, what a picture! Gotta take care of those eyes!

Marydon Ford said...

Love the picture, Patsy! Hope your eyes don't have any further issues ... I make sure when I go in for dilation of the eyes that they do NOT give me the unnecessary heavy dose. An eye Dr. told me about this once ... have been grateful ever since.

Take good care & have a great weekend.
Hugs, Marydon

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Not my favorite part of the visit at all. But good to hear that they are very detail oriented.


Tammy said...

What a darling dog! And he left the glasses on,lol. My daughter's yorkie wont even leave a bow in.

Shelley said...

Sorry to hear about your eye problems! Laughed at that dog photo! I know what you mean about dilated eyes - this happened to me 2 weeks ago and I thought the sun would burn my eyes out! LOL~