Friday, October 16, 2009


I have been deep in to my roots now for about 5 years. I had meet family I didn't know I had. They have become good friends. This 3rd cousin came for a surprise visit from Colorado. He is from my fathers side and looks like my grandfather did.
Is this not the sweetest face your have ever seen.

Kenn had this for me a picture of my fathers great grand father with his Law book and his wife.

He came with 5 large notebooks full of family history.

I had am still having the most fun meeting my ancestors.

Now you remember a week or so ago I went to a family reunion of my mothers side of the family. My dear sweet brother came with three photo albums of my mothers pictures and they had been in the attic.

They are stuck to the paper some had been taken from a old album and they have black paper stick to the back of them and has covered up the names. So I have taken on this project to restore and label these pictures.

And guess who was a cousin of my mothers that married country music singer Webb Pierce. There is a picture of him and that guitar shaped swimming pool of his. Why have I not seen this before?
Can anyone tell me how to get that black paper off with out destroying the photo?


Darla said...

This is so a photo shop and inquire...

Anonymous said...

What treasures you have. Perhaps you could also inquire at a scrapbooking store - they probably run into this same situation with many of their clients and know of a good solution.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Patsy, Old photos are often stuck really good to the albumn is really hard to get them unstuck. I would definately scan all the photos first..before I worked with them. I have a tool called a multi purpose tool, I got it from Creative has a long slim end and sometimes you can wedge it in between and gently pry apart the is a slow process..sometimes they are stuck so good that you just have to live with it. I hope this helps, it looks like you really have some great old photos ..what fun for you! :)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a treasure of a find !
It's exciting to find new relatives and all that history you really hadn't a clue about.
I have recently found relatives in Ireland, it's opened a whole new chapter in my life.
I'd ask a photo specialist shop about the prints.
Good luck, and thanks for sharing !

Barbara said...

Such a fun thing to do, especially when there are unknown relatives still alive. I have recently come across a distant hotel and vineyard owning cousin in California.

hope you will be back soon.