Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sweet Smell

My mother made this vase in her ceramic shop in the 1980's. Mother passed away in 2003 of Alzheimer.
We are in for some hard rain the next few days and my Peace rose is just loaded down with roses. They smell so sweet, I just had to bring them in.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Such a beautiful rose.I love the yellow and pink together.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Charlene said...

Patsy, a pretty rememberance of you mother. The roses are so pretty. I really like the ones which have the rose smell.

We just got back from looking at Ervin's son house. He is building one on the lot where Ervin's house used to be. The house is really taking shape. I think Dell is a nice little town.

Have a good week-end. Seems to be good nap taking weather.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy, Your Peace roses are a perfect match to the lovely vase your Mother made. Thank you for sharing with us. TN said...

Beautiful....both the roses and the vase.

Annie said...

A nice memory of mother. I just LOVE peace roses. Good idea to rescue them B4 the rain.

Renie Burghardt said...

Lovely vase holding lovely memories and roses.

Definately an unusual summer in the region, isn't it Patsy? Maybe the rains won't be too heavy. Have a nice Sunday.



Winifred said...

What a perfect match they are. As if the vase was made for them to hold your memories too.