Friday, August 14, 2009

It's that time of the year

This elephant Ear has been blooming, they are long yellow things.
Then they dry up

This is the inside looks like seeds.

Well it is hay cutting time again

It stirred up a batch of little wild cats. The house kind

The Bennie said he had been hearing something but was thinking baby pups. They ran deeper in the woods.


Shelley said...

Perhaps one of those kitties would make a nice pet? :-)

Maggie Ann said...

The elephant ears are pretty....are they any relation to Caladiums?

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Could be a pack of coyotes ?
Love the elephant ears and the smell of freshly cut hay ..

Kay said...

Love the photos. The only place I've ever seen Elephant Ears is in a park over in Los Angels called Fern Dell Park. They were growing along a creek that ran trough the middle of the park.