Friday, September 19, 2008

Six Questions

I am the little one House in Bartlett Tn
House in Bartlett Tn

House in Texas going in to my secret garden

House in Tx

My horse and me

Me see my boots

I have been Tagged by Clara. Now I am not going to tell bad things about myself, I want to be the best I can be. So I will just give the facts the way I see them.

1.( Where was I ten years ago? ) I lived in Hallsville Texas in the middle of the woods. And I loved it. I had my on business, new house new furniture and a new car. The Bennie got sick and we were selling and packing to move back to Tennessee. This is all about me right?

2. (What's on my to do list for today?) I am getting my hair cut and I must work on my quilt. I am taking to long to get this one done.

3.( What if I was a billionaire?) I never will be so, I don't want to think about it. ( I like to suffer.

4.( Places I have lived) Started my life in Blytheville Arkansas, Went to Dell Arkansas back to grandfathers farm, Dyess Arkansas home of Johnny Cash lived few farms over from the Cashes. My Sister was his age and went to school with him. We were as poor as the dirt our family farmed. It was also my grandfathers farm. Daddy went back to work for a Bread Co. We moved to Hayti Missouri, Sikeston Missouri then the Bread Co. moved us to Paducah Ky then to Memphis Tn. I got married and moved to Orange Texas then to Wickford Rhode Island back to Memphis Tn. Got married again moved to Bartlett Tn. then to Hallsville Texas back to Memphis then of all things back to Blytheville , who said you could never go back home?

5. ( Bad Habit' ) are you kidding I eat to much, I want, I want ( The Bennie said the I wants are never ending.)

6. ( Snacks I like) junk food.


Frank Baker said...

I enjoyed the photos and all the comments. Now I know a lot more about you. Do you still have the Cowgirl Boots.

bennie and patsy said...

No ,but I have my Squaten heifer cowgirl hat. TN said...

Oh that was good Patsy. I like the boots too!