Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deplorable Behavior

Mr. Pattypat( rabbit) came to see me yesterday. He was not happy about the neighborhood. Mr.Pattypat said that Mr.Red ( squirrel) ate his flowers and broke one of his flower pots. Someone knocked so hard on his door they broke the door knocker and he found it on the ground. You just can't leave your home unattended anymore are your door open Mr. Pattypat was over at our village friend Sherry's last night and Mr. possum was peeping in her back door. I told him I will talk to Mr. Red about his deplorable behavior and try to fix all that was broken.


Darla said...

How Cute!!! Thanks for taking the time to view my is a first for me.

Frank Baker said...

Wait until Mr Pattypat get a visit from Mr. Stinky Skunk, he will really want to move then.