Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Little About Old Time Bush Arbor

Religious freedom has always been a part of our American heritage.
There were many churches in the east but when our country began
moving toward the south and west there were very few formal churches.
This will be from Pamy's Blaines writings.

Imagine for a moment walking toward an out door meeting being held
in your community. As you walk up into an open field you see in the
distance a rustic shelter and coming from that place you hear the strains
of 'When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder' being played upon string in-
strument or a pump organ that has been brought by wagon.

I have found where a Aunt Mollie  in 1935 was a charter member of
Church of God of Prophecy Church was just that. In Tennessee  she
and my Great grand father were first generation Americans ,There
father came from England. I have found family members that crossed
the Mississippi and did just that to start a church in the wildness of Arkansas.
They came by wagon train from North Carolina early 1800's

May we always have freedom of religious in our country.
Thank you President Trump for thinking of our freedom.


Ginny Hartzler said...

This is so awesome that you know your history, and so can keep it alive and pass it on!

Lady Jane said...

Interesting post. Yes I am glad we are talking about religious freedom again in this country!!! Hugs, LJ

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes I am thankful for religious freedom too!

Karen said...

I have a faint memory of going to a brush arbor meeting in Georgia in the early 1950's.