Friday, January 6, 2017

Okay It Can Stop

Now, there is just enough to look pretty and bright.

 I know some laugh at us in the south when it snows

 We don't know how to drive in it.

wrecks every where, the city shuts down and old people just have to
go to the store.


Mildred said...

What you have currently is pretty. I just hope conditions won't worsen over the weekend. You two be careful. God bless. xo

A Brit in Tennessee said...

It's already causing chaos around the area, but ooh it's pretty to look at.
Stay home :)

racheld said...

Awww, Miss Patsy!

We were out in the driveway about six last night, brushing and scraping the crusty frosting off Caro's car so she could go to work. Chris had already cleaned it and his and the sidewalk before he left in the a.m., but it just did its thing all day, like powdered sugar sifting down, until everything was covered again and her car like a wide muffin under the icing. Chris drove up while she and I were out there with scrapers and brooms, laughing and shouting at each other in the crisp of the air.

I think we were probably a funny sight, three grown folks having such a fun time and trying to stay upright as we went round and round.

And you know, even after twenty-six years up here, I'm still in Mississippi Mode, in that when the first flakes start, I'm ready to see the schoolbuses roll home and everybody else get inside and hunker down.

We were just laughing the other day about the fact that I'd never SEEN a white snowman except on TV and cards til we moved here---all our snow down there was less than two inches, and we scraped up twigs and leaves and dirt with every handful, leaving even the most elegant snow-fellows all measled up with debris.

You and Mr. The Bennie stay well and warm,


Charlene said...

Hi Patsy, Looks the same around here. I am enjoying watching my bird feeders as I have so many Cardinals which look so pretty in the snow. I think the snow is pretty, but want it to melt right away. You and Bennie stay warm. Give Anna a hug for me.

L. D. said...

I usually slip and slide around the first time I am out in it. It takes a while to realize how the car looses traction on snow and ice.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You barely have enough to call it snow! I bet it will melt soon! :)

Ginny Hartzler said...

You are right! And we were among them yesterday. We ran to the store for bread, milk, and other things. Where do you live? We are in Virginia. alas, it is to snow all day tomorrow so we should get three inches.

Mari said...

It's been snowing here for several days and the roads have been crummy! I'm not laughing at you though - it all depends what you are used to.

Vee said...

I don't go out in it unless I absolutely must that's for sure. Be safe!

Simply Linda said...

{{grinning}}} ---we haven't been out in days, Patsy and we live in the frozen north...its just a way of life up here...keeping you in prayer, friend.