Thursday, December 1, 2016

Time Is Going To Fast

 What Happened to white, red and green?? 

 They have redone the club house to modern

 We did not like it at first, but it does look good

 the library is now not up to date as you can see off to the left

This is what it looked like, They need to redo the library now, hope they will soon.

Happy December!


Ginny Hartzler said...

the tree is beautiful! And the rest does look neat and clean. Just wish there were some spots of color or unusual things. And just a TINY bit less perfect!

Vee said...

It is a nice modern look. Which do you prefer?

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am too old fashioned to like a white and gold tree but to each their own:)

Karen said...

I think the decorating looks nice. It looks fresh and light. I hope you enjoy the holiday get-togethers there.

Maggie Ann said...

the decorating does look elegant....but not the white tree. I like the old fashioned things the very best. Last year Lowes had great bargain prices on live wreaths...but not this year, well not yet anyway. Happy December 1st!

Charlene said...

Patsy, It does look nice. Love the blue chairs. Although, can not get used to modern art. I like for a painting to be a picture of something. But the lighter colors do brighten the space. Enjoyed the pictures.

racheld said...

What a lovely place you live in! Those pretty homes and all that library and clubhouse and swim and exercise space you have access to---very nice. And your neighbors seem wonderful, as well.

Hope you and Mr. The Bennie are well and warm and enjoying all this holiday preparation and anticipation!


Winifred said...

Well it certainly looks very swish.

A lot of people here have changed their homes to really modern but I'm sticking with my old furniture. I like it!

Love Of Quilts said...

You do have a very nice place to live. They do have red and green on the door. I like the baby blue chairs.