Monday, December 28, 2015

Old Man River

Strange weather we are having.

 It went from rain and very warm.

 to cool and sun. 

Steam boat on the Mississippi River
and the Bennie standing looking out over the river.
We just had a Earthquake 2.50 right in the middle of the 
river but about 16 miles up from where he is standing.
the earthquake was today , the photo's were not taken today.
it is going down in the 30's tonight.
Air off heat on!


Simply Linda said... friend...we had 65* for Christmas Eve and now, it is 22* wind chill and expecting a winter storm (but, what does one expect --it is winter). Whoa on the earthquake....I don't think I want to be standing there when one hits, smiles.

Sparky said...

Earthquake? My goodness. Pretty pictures. Bet you're ready for seasonal cool, sunny days like I am. This warm weather can just leave. Now. *lol* Y'all stay safe. ~:)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

We are most definitely having the strangest of Winter weather. 76 degrees yesterday, and now I see where the Riverfront Park in Nashville has started to flood...need to get the boats out.
Stay vigilant.

Mildred said...

Very strange weather! Pretty photos, too. We have had the windows open a couple of days, due to the heat (upper 70's) Today, it is rainy, windy and cooler.

L. D. said...

I was really confused as to having you near the Mississippi River. Then you said it was at another time. They are great shots of an unusual experience you witnessed.

Mari said...

I enjoyed the pictures. It is strange weather. An earthquake there, here we are having an ice storm!