Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In The Garden

There were beautiful Camellias in full bloom

 Honey bees were all over this white one.
 lovely pink or rose color.


Vee said...

They are such pretty flowers and I am amazed that they are still blooming. What a treat to see them!

Sparky said...

All our flowers have closed up for the season. The Camellia's are a lovely, showy flower. I keep meaning to plant some here. "Maybe next year" is my new mantra. *grin*
Hope your day is blessed dear lady. ~:)

Sue said...

Love Camellias. Patsy, these are beautiful! A camellia bush is on my wish list for Christmas!
Thanks for sharing,

Mari said...

They are so pretty! I may be just a bit jealous...

Lady Jane said...

Pretty, pretty flowers... What a joy.