Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two of Our February 5

Birthday Guy's

This is Nicolas my great grandson and he is 5 today.

This is Steven my son, he was our football guy. Steven, as many know died in June 2009
And Nicolas my daughters grandson was born on Stevens birthday.

This quilt was to be made for Steven in 2009. I got it out three times
 but just could not work on it. Then in 2013 I got it finished as a
memorial to his memory.
Some day maybe Nicolas will want it.


Anonymous said...

How special that Nicolas was born on Steven's birthday. Patsy, the quilt is so very special. I am happy you could finish it and I know it will be treasured. God bless you as you remember your son.

Karen said...

Happy 5th birthday to Nicolas! The quilt will be something the family will treasure.

White Lace and Promises said...

What a precious treasure! What a gift that God gave you in that precious little boy. When God allows pain and grief, He somehow replaces it with joy. The day that we buried my dad, I found out that we were going to have a grandbaby. He was born on my parent's anniversary. We had lost my mom 6 months before my daddy died. I have found that grief is personal. It has taken me 3 years to get to where I don't cry everyday. I lost my little brother (5) when I was 14. My mama lost her baby. I'm glad you finally felt that you could do this. What a way to remember him! Is that TN? My daughter is a big fan!

L. D. said...

The quilt is so marvelous. Steven is five and that is such a fun age to watch while they grow up.

Simply Linda said...

{Patsy}--Happy birthday to your great grandson. I am so sorry for your loss..Blessings

Lynda said...

Don't you love the way God works details like dates of birth? The quilt is beautiful. My husband would like that pattern, too.

Barbara said...

A really mixed Blessing I guess to have your Grandson born the day of your son's birthday. Glad you were able to finish the quilt. It will be special.