Saturday, July 27, 2013

Preserved Children

Take 1 large field, half a dozen children, 2 or 3 small dogs, a pinch of a brook and some pebbles. Mix the children and dogs well together; put them on the field, stirring constantly. Pour the brook over the pebbles; sprinkle the  field with flowers; spread over all a deep blue sky and bake in sun.
When brown, set away to cool in the bath tub.
Bryson and Micah


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet photo!

racheld said...

Oh, Patsy!

This is one of the best recipes I've ever read in my life. It should be on calendars, address books, bookmarks, greeting cards, wall art, and heartstrings all over the world.

You DO beat all.


Barbara said...

They are so cute and that is funny.

james jhonson said...

This is the best technique for smashing the potatoes. I would like to the potato recopies.

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