Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We Were Informed

this week -end  by some of  our  family's college children
why American is No longer number one. 
They had their foreign (as not born in America) but here to get their education)
Boy friend with them to explaining it to us old people.
Now mind you these parents are well off and sent the children up north (like one living in New York)
To the best Schools?????
We are not GLOBAL and live in the back woods of America (the South) and there are better places to live
in the GOLBAL world they are making..

 Now how in the world  did my America get to this point?
Have you seen what is going on in this GLOBAL world they say is IT now.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Both of my grandchildren are attending college, sadly the tuition is forever on the increase, I wonder how kids are going to make it in the future if this continues.

Carol said...

I long for the way America was when I was growing up. Thanks for posting this, Patsy. I've been missing you!


Sue said...

The college kids were one group that helped get Obama elected, not the tax paying hard working, patriotic, christians who recognize who and what principals this country was founded upon, I am afraid Patsy it is going to get worse! may the Lord have mercy on America.
I truly miss the "good old days" where a person's word meant something.
Thanks for sharing.