Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Parting Is Such Sorrow

My blogging has come to a end here
It has been fun and you all have been
 the best.
I will continue my Bible Questions and Answers blog.


Carol said...

Oh, no, Patsy! I'm going to miss your blog. I always love seeing the flowers from your yard and the yummy things you & Bennie make in your kitchen. Hope you'll visit my blog once in awhile.

Smiles & Hugs,

Country Gal said...

Oh I will miss your posts ! Hope you guys stay well and pop in every now and then just so I know all is ok ! Take care !

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Aww, Patsy, I'm saddened to read this, you will be missed my sweet friend.
Wishing you all the very best, stop by and see me once in awhile :)

Sue said...

I am saddened to hear this Patsy, I will miss your posting. You have been a very dear friend. Praying God's richest blessings for you.

Lona said...

Oh no Patsy! I will miss you and the Bennie and your postings. Stay safe and blessed my friend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I wish you all the best Patsy! I always liked to visit you in the spring and summer..your flowers were so pretty! :)

W. Latane Barton said...

Sorry to see you go, Patsy. We've been blogging along together for quite some time... you will be missed.

Charlene said...

I will miss your blog. Looking at your blog and others has been fun. Stay in touch.

Maggie Ann said...

Dear Patsy...your comments to me have cheered many a moment for me. I'm sorry to see you end this blog and hope you will keep your book one? sending hugs, Maggie

Winifred said...

That's a shame Patsy. It's been nice to know you.

God Bless!

Marie said...

So sorry to see you go, Patsy! All my best for this coming year.

Sue said...

Just stopping by to say Hi, thanks for coming by,and I miss you.

Becca's Dirt said...

Oh no Patsy. Please come back. I'm trying to pick my blog back up. So many bloggers have quit. Life gets in the way and then there's facebook. look me up if you like - beccasgardenspot finch williamson.

peter clarke said...

This is really a sad news that you are ending up the blogging. Just want to ay that, will miss the pictures of your garden and other valuable experience shared with you. Hope will see you again in some other blog.

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