Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Did You Know (and where some of it goes SURPRISED me.)

That we have Abilities Unlimited? The operation not only will allow residents in several cities to
continue curbside recycling, but it will provide JOBS for people with developmental disabilities
 in our community.
I didn't  know this  but Abilities Unlimited has a long history of recycling .
starting with clothing that is donated and sold in thrift stores. Even flawed clothes, shoes and purses that workers
remove from the supply chain do not end up in trash. Instead, they are baled and sent overseas to countries such as China and Russia.
Americans won't buy them, but they will.
So recycling is a good thing.


Darla said...

It is nice to read this post. I often wonder if our effort to recycle was really worth it.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well lots of the clothing comes from China in the first place! We recycle most everything up here and have minimal garbage:)

Marie said...

How wonderful! It's good to know that recycling helps in this way, also.