Friday, September 9, 2011

My flowers have suffered from heat and this Begonia may not look very pretty but it has bloomed all summer.
This is one thing the grasshoppers will not eat Blue Fortune Mexican Hyssop.

My little Camellia is starting to put it's buds on.

Poor Neon Sedum it said on the tag it was upright but it sure lay down on me. Mildred said it would root well. (Look new growth).Thanks for walking around with me and looking at my flowers.

Have a happy day.


Carol said...

Your flowers survived better than mine. I'm lovin' this cooler weather!


Country Gal said...

My flowers eventually perked up, now they are coming to an end and the fall flowers are starting ! Your gardens are lovely. Have a wonderful day !

W. Latane Barton said...

summer was really hard on our plants, was it not? But, soon Fall will be here and the color of the leaves will take up right where the flowers left off.

Maggie Ann said...

Plants are so enjoyable aren't they!

Marydon said...

Amazing how they suffer through the worst weather conditions & still continue to bring forth such beauty.

Have a beautiful weekend, Patsy.

Ila said...

You're begonias have done better than mine. Mine wer doing great until the armadillo got in them. Replanted them and it got them again. After the third time I just gave up.