Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn Is Here Again

The leaves are falling from the trees, releasing their hold overhead,turning, twisting , fluttering to the ground. Seeking their winter ,earthly bed.
The harvest is over and safely housed

and the open fields are quite bare, except for weeds and dry grasses,making homes for the little hare.

Insects go in hiding from the birds and the grasshopper fails to leap. The redhead pecks a hole in a tree to store food for his winter keep.

The flowers are still holding their one, with lustrous colors of Spring. Only to wither and fade away when Jack Frost comes and drops his sting.

Sense and Nonsense In Poetry
By Willis L. Tackette



Lovely photos, soon hubby and I are going on a little hike to photograph the colors , they arent fully changed here yet ! Have a great day !

Anonymous said...

Pretty pictures Patsy. Just this morning, I was sweeping leaves off the sidewalk and I heard a woodpecker pecking away on a dead tree!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Such a lovely time of the year, you have captured it perfectly with your pictures and words.

Shelley said...

Gorgeous fall photos today! ANd you picked the perfect poem to go with it!!

Darla said...

Beautiful the yellow zinnia.

The Tile Lady said...

Lovely Autumn descriptions Patsy! And great photos!

FoodFunFarmLife said...

Just beautiful these photos - what a lovely landscape you have captured !