Thursday, April 30, 2009


We have had lots of rain and look what washed up in the creek. The Bennie said it was a cow bone. There have not been cows on the land for years. What do you farm bloggers think? And this is my mystery bird.
If you enlarge this can you tell what this bird is called . There is so much poison ivy I can't get close. He is brown with spots on throat and light breast, a small bird. He is on the end of that large stick

Here he is on the ground at the bottom of tree.


Darla said...

Eeew on the bone! The bird, maybe a sparrow, I am so not good with birds...Stay out of the poison!!

Shellmo said...

I'm not so sure on the bird - some form of sparrow?

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Patsy,

I'm not sure about the little bird either, but it sort of looks like a song sparrow. I'd have to have a closer look to tell for sure.

We have been getting rain on and off for a few days, but not the downpours that your are has been getting. Both Karen and Loretta who live in Jonesboro have been talking about flooding, and I have seen KAIT TV report on it. Right now, we're getting very light rain. And it is suppossed to continue to rain, on and off, until Sunday, I think. Hope you get a break from the heavy rain soon!