Monday, February 23, 2009

Trivia Monday

Cats, not dogs, are the most common pets in America. There are approximately 66 million cats to 58 million dogs, with Parakeets a distant third at 14 million.


Darla said...

Had no idea. Lovely photos.

Shellmo said...

I didn't realize that! Now I'm going to go tell my kitty Marvin (a.k.a. king of the household) this little fact.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Good Morning,
You guys are too much fun!!! Thank you so much for this award,I humbly accept.
I would have thought that dogs led the pack.If this had been a test I would have failed.LOL!!!I
As far as Benny"s pie making that pie in the picture looks so professional!!!! Great job, now when are you serving? Have a great day!!

Charlene said...

My dog Sophie is still tops with me. I thought dogs were first. Oh well, I won't tell Sophie.

I really like the pictures in the corner. The pie looks so tasty.

Have a great day.

Frank Baker said...

Good Morning. I don't have a pet, but I'm considering a pet Rock.. Does that count?

bennie and patsy said...

Sure Frank but you could get a chicken, then eat it. Bad Bad

Winifred said...

It's a similar story here in the UK. There are 6.5 million dogs and 9 million cats.

What's surprising is that there are 8 million reptiles (yuk) and it's frightening that at the rate they are increasing they'll soon overtake the cats.

Fancy a gecko Frank?